About SmileyArk

We are an OFSTED Registered provision committed to providing a high-quality level of care to the children, parents, and carers under our care. Our services extend to children and families who are vulnerable, disadvantaged, living in poverty, including those with SEN/Disabilities and cared for in the BAME community. In October 2018, we officially became a charity registered in England and Wales with charity registration number 1180233

SmileyArk provides the following services to the community:

– Breakfast and after school clubs – Through this we can support parents in meeting their family needs, children’s learning and development giving an opportunity for children to develop socially emotionally, physically, and intellectually

– Community outreach i.e. Food bank, creative Workshops, Volunteering opportunities

– Youth (SAY) activities up to 25yrs. We support young people by providing services such as mentoring, enrichment activities which are Inspiring and raise aspirational goals. Its own football club (Blanco FC)

– Training and development in the community. Schools, community groups, local authority

– Apprenticeships opportunities

At SmileyArk Kids, every child matter’s and is unique.

We raise aspirations with emphasis on the individual child’s Learning and developmental needs. This is presented in a fun, exciting, warm, and safe child centred environment whilst our commitment to the community ensures families referred to us including the elderly are duly cared for. This includes the delivery of food/essentials, phone, check their wellbeing, and be a friendly voice.

More recently, we support families that care for their elderly parents and grandparents but cannot now care for them due to them and the children being vulnerable and high-risk e.g. sickle cell disease and direct impact of COVID19.

Our aim is to make a direct difference to the lives of children and young people and families.

SmileyArk helps children and young people to be independent, which builds confidence and enhances learning and development, and well-being whilst also offering opportunities to engage in and be part of the wider community irrespective of individual age backgrounds or disadvantages.